Friday, November 30, 2012

Ready to sew, but wait a minute....

I have a rule before I begin sewing together all the pieces on a new project - always sleep on it, no matter how excited you are to continue!

With piecing, it is best to make sure you are happy with the overall look before proceeding as I do not want to rip out seams to insert a new fabric piece.  Nor can I simply applique (well I could, but that would go against my self-imposed piecing rule) a new piece over a fabric that I dislike.

So when I am done with my fabric choices, as I think I am now, I always wait another day before sitting down to the sewing machine.  And I spend time sitting and looking at my design wall, then popping back into my studio off and on for a fresh take on things.  Many times I have looked at my new piece the next day and something has practically leapt off the wall, begging to be changed and I cannot believe that I did not see it sooner.