Sunday, November 11, 2012

The benefits of being a hoarding fabriholic

Occasionally I will read about someone who regularly purges their fabric stash and think I should start that habit too.  It's a philosophy that I live with in every other area of my life, cleaning out closets and cupboards, but I cannot seem to do that with fabric.

Progress so far
Every time I think that I will never use a particular fabric, I am proven wrong.  So I hang on to everything because you never know.  I was searching for just that "something" to add to this project when I came across the cotton upholstery fabric pictured here that has been in my collection for at least ten years.  I have taken it out, looked at the pattern and colors many times but always ended up rejecting it.

Now I think I've found the perfect home for it, adding it in two groups in the bottom area of the quilt.


  1. I'm new to your artwork and your blog and loving both. I appreciate the time you are taking to add some of your thoughts and work in progress here. And I just got the Machines Unlimited issue and am looking forward to reading your article. Your artwork is wonderful!

  2. Great fit! I agree about cleaning out the studio of fabric. I keep boxes of tiny scraps, just in case it might one day perhaps be that perfect piece.
    I agree with Sande, your work is fantastic and I have been following your art for several years. Often, when I am "stuck" on a project, I can go over to your website and be reinspired. Not to copy, mind you, just for drooling. I also appreciate watching your pieces come together in the blog format. Thank you!