Saturday, November 3, 2012

Adding More.....

I'm filling in more of the details now.  Taking one
small section at a time, the landscape areas of
trees and brush are gradually filling out.

My mostly green, landscape fabrics are roughly in two groups, grayish or seafoam greens and yellow/light olive greens and I'm trying to keep them grouped together.  As I said earlier, I'm hoping that the addition of all the yellow-greens will help that central yellow floral blend in to work and play well with the others!

The sky is also finished as those fabric choices were all fairly easy decisions.  There were some

last minute changes as I ran out of one fabric and
needed to re-think my placement, but I always feel that those sort of problems usually work out for the best.  If I run out of a particular fabric I never spend time trying to track down more of the same.  I either make do or add something new and I always feel that it makes for a more creative and interesting result in the end.

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