Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Notes, comments and scribbles

As I'm taking my fabric pieces down and sewing them together, I refer constantly to my original pattern to see how the sewing should be done.

You can also see all the notes and comments I make to myself as I am selecting my fabrics.  These are things I want to remember such as where to put certain unique fabrics or value placements.

I also give nicknames to different fabrics or numbers to them if I have a selection of similar fabrics for a certain area.  This way I can make notes of which fabrics I will want where as I work on different sections.  I can write down my thoughts for whole areas and think things through before actually cutting up any fabric.  Doing this also helps speed up the cutting process as I can do several pieces of the same fabric at once as well as several different fabrics at once rather than one piece at a time.

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