Friday, August 16, 2013

Assigning Values


 Value can make or break your work so I always try to be very careful in thinking through where my values are going to be when I start a piece.

This project is one where I need to be especially careful when choosing fabrics to represent different values.  With the mostly monochromatic color scheme, it would be very easy to have everything join together in one confusing mess if there weren't clear differences in the values of the fabrics.

I am starting with my lightest values first and placing them where they will form a path down from the blue area.  I also want a few light values in some of the bushes in the foreground.  You can see in the photo above where I've selected a floral fabric with light flowers on it to represent my "bushes".

With my light values established, I can now start filling in the rest of the ground area and concentrate on variety and texture without worrying about value anymore.

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