Friday, August 23, 2013

Lost in the Landscape

 Sometimes I am at a complete loss as to what to do next when I am staring at my design wall.  All that blank space, all that fabric and no clear plan where to place it!

Figuring out what fabrics should make up the focal point or the darkest and lightest value areas is somewhat easy.  Those are the kind of major decisions that I usually figure out in my initial thumbnail sketches.

But once you've placed the fabric for all those areas on your design wall, what is left is usually medium value background spaces to fill in.  And, just because they are background areas, that doesn't make them any less important than the rest of the project.

While I don't want these areas to become "center stage", I do want them to be of interest, to provide added detail.  So I stare at my fabric and try to figure out what should go where.  While I usually like to choose, cut and pin several pieces of fabric at a time to my design wall, sometimes in these situations I just have to find my way one careful piece at a time.

With any luck, as I am carefully finding my way one piece at a time, suddenly the way becomes clear and things start falling into place!

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