Sunday, January 20, 2013

What's in a name?

 Sometimes quite a lot, especially when it has to to with public perception of a work of art.

I have been thinking about a particular landscape quilt idea I would like to do for some time.  It would be a winter scene loosely based on scenery I drive through quite frequently in Wyoming.  I even had the name for the quilt which was very exciting to me as I am notoriously "name-challenged" when it comes to my pieces.

The name I had picked out was "Old Woman Creek", which is an actual place filled with ancient cottonwood trees along a meandering stream.  But several people I mentioned this to were not at all enthusiastic about what that title brought to mind.  When I hear the name I think of this picturesque spot in Wyoming but apparently others had more unpleasant images in mind.

So I countered with another location name that sounded equally interesting to me, "Mule Creek".  This is also an actual location in Wyoming that I drive through frequently and it also has similar interesting and ancient cottonwood trees along a creek bed.  "Mule Creek" met with rave reviews, perhaps conjuring up images of the Old West instead of old women.

Interesting what can be in a name and you can probably guess what the final title of my new piece will be now! 

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  1. Oh Linda! I adore "Old Woman Creek". It conjures up all sorts of interesting images to my mind. But then, indeed, what is in a name?